Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sun shining and temperatures above freezing equals....

Gill who was smiling and had a spring in her step.  In fact just under 22,000 steps and 9.66 miles were walked on Wednesday.  I did three walks and cleaned the car so I also added 165 minutes worth of exercise to my total.

However, despite me doing all that I am still under my miles walked for this month, as I have only walked just under 45 miles, should be at 50 at the half way point of the month.  I can deal with the cold weather but cannot deal with slippery roads and footpaths.  I am terrified of slipping, so have been avoiding walking.

I took some photos while out walking on my 7 am walk.  This is where I see the sun starting to rise on my walk;
Trying to be artistic here!!
 They were moving snow from one part of the subdivision to somewhere else, using the giant "Tonka" trucks.
 You felt very tiny beside them.
The one good thing about the temperatures being above freezing, it has started to melt the snow a little..........

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

As gorgeous in real life..........

My cork fabric came in the mail and it is gorgeous.  The natural (far left) is perfect and will go with everything.  The next one is grey and if anything a bit dark, but still nice.  The rainbow one is stunning and the blue/teal one is just perfect.

Now to play!!

The link to the company is here.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Quick and easy baby gift.

Not sure if I told you but I have become an honory Nana to another baby girl called Kaira (pronounced Kiyra)  I made her a bunch of stuff that I posted about here.  I am seeing her again at the end of the month and as I am sewing for our grandson-to-be, I figured I would run up a couple of things for her.  Basically use Kaira as the guinea pig for new patterns.  

So I decided to sew up a baby ball using some scraps of fabric I had laying around.  I used the instructions from here and the template for the ball from here.

As this was the first time I had made this ball, I wanted to use fabric that wasn't the best, but was pretty to make sure I was happy with the pattern.

Now I wanted to put a "shaker/noise maker" in the middle of the ball, so I asked dd if she had any plastic centre's from Kinder Eggs laying around.  That is what the yellow plastic things are on the bottom left of the photo.  Above that is some rice, which I put inside the yellow plastic thing.  So if by some reason it breaks open, then all it is, is rice and won't do any damage.  You could put a bell in there, some lentils, dried peas, anything that makes a noise.  I used the smallest sized from the template for my ball.
 After I cut out the fabric I pinned them together in two groups of three, making sure I was happy with the arrangement.  I them sewed the two groups of three together, then joined the two groups of three together.  On the last side to be sewn, remember to leave a gap, so you can turn it right side out and stuff it with toy stuffing.

Also, if you are using a shaker in the middle of the toy, remember to leave a big enough gap so you can put the shaker inside of it; otherwise you have to rip out part of your newly sewn seam........yes I left too small a gap.
 Stuff it with toy stuffing, add your shaker (if using) around half way through and finish off stuffing.  Hand sew the seam up, and voila you are done.
There is a 1/4 inch seam allowance on the pattern, which I didn't follow, therefore the top points of the ball don't completely match up.............bad me!!  Overall I am very happy with the out come and I can see lots of baby balls in the future.  Now I have to ask dd to hunt around for more Kinder Egg plastic things!!

On a side note, if you're wondering why I didn't use the same material that I used for Kaira's original gifts, it's because the pattern on the original material was too big and wouldn't have looked right.  Smaller patterns I find are more pleasing to the eye.  I will post a photo of me and Kaira when I give her the ball.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Enough already........

I was "talking" to my niece in England on Facebook yesterday and she was saying how she loves the snow😕 So after I had ranted on about snow and how sick of it I am, I took some photos of snow to show her how much was around our house:

 Not quite 10 inches has fallen since Wednesday of last week.
 Compared to other's we have very little.
 However I am completely done with Winter.......
If I don't see snow again until December 24th 2018, I won't be upset..........

Are you done with Winter?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

What's worse, too many or too little?

Went to the Pickering Butter Tart Festival on Saturday.  There must have been a dozen butter tart vendors, along with other arts and crafts vendors there.  It got to the point of being overwhelmed by butter tarts and having to try and make a decision.

I ended up buying half a dozen butter tarts, half a dozen fern tarts and a package of shortbread crack😕 The confused face was about the shortbread crack, I'll get more into that later.

Below is a photo.  

Top left: Fern Tart, Top right: Creme Brulee Butter Tart

Middle row: Plain Butter Tarts
Bottom Left: Skor Butter Tart, Bottom Right: Pecan Butter Tart

We purchased the butter tarts from Annina's Bakeshop who are from Goodwood, Ontario.  They are super good and the pastry is delicious, which to my mind is as important as the butter tart filling.

We purchased the Fern Tarts from Our Little Bakery Inc, who are located in Ajax, Ontario.  Now the Fern Tarts are sort of like Bakewell Tarts with coconut and in this case walnuts in the batter.  Here is a link to one recipe.  We are more used to Bakewell Tarts in our house, but they were very nice.

Now for the Shortbread Crack I had never heard of it, and actually thought I had misheard what the guy called it. It tasted a bit like fudge too me, and is addictive!   Here is a link to the company's Facebook page.  From what I could gather it's a shortbread version of crack that is usually made with Saltine Crackers, like this recipe.

There was a lady doing face painting and making balloon animals.  She was really good and did a beautiful job on Nora's face:
Overall it was a great morning out.  I did shovel snow from the driveway when we got home to try and work off some of the goodies!!!