Monday, April 23, 2018

Insect Houses

They must be the new "in thing" at the moment as there was an area dedicated to them at the garden centre.  I took a few photos as I thought they were really neat.

This one was huge, and I couldn't see the price tag, but I am guessing if you were concerned about price you wouldn't be buying this one..........

 This one was $39.99 so the one above would probably be $300 or more.
 I loved the green accent on these ones.  I don't think they would be too hard to make?  I should mention it to dh to see about making one for me.
 This one is a ladybug/ladybird house, something I had never seen before.
Do you have an insect house?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

All done, and I am super pleased.......

As I told you the other day I was making myself a bag.  I am a HUGE fan of Vera Bradley bags, so this is my take on that type of bag.  I used this pattern for the basic shape and altered it to suit me.

I started with this:
 and I ended up with this:
I added a tie detail on the sides, as I have that on one of my other bags and it is an easy detail to add in.
There are six pockets inside, all five inches wide; but two depths, 4 inches and 6 inches.  The pockets are stiffened to make them more substantial and are lined.
I made larger more substantial handles out of cork.  They are around 22 inches in length and are just over 1 inch wide.  I used a button as a closure, but may experiment with other closures on other bags.  The bottom of the bag, is also cork.
Too pad the bag, I used this product.  It's hard to see but it's more like foam, with the some sort of glue on the back (right of photo) that when ironed melts and sticks to the fabric.  This product is ideal for bags, but I can't remember what it is called.  I would use it again and will get the name of it when I am in the store again next month.
Overall for my first attempt I am very happy.


I took a short two hour course on how to sew in zippers the other day.  I will say although useful, for me it didn't really help much, as this was more geared to sewing in zippers in clothing.  I did learn a couple of tricks which I can and will apply to what I sew. (I have put links on each zipper, so you can see for yourself how it is done.)

The first one we did was a centred zip.

 The we did a lapped zip.

Then an invisible zip
 You do need a special invisible zip foot for your machine for this one.  I just borrowed the one from the store.
 The lady at the store used this quilters tape so you could be more accurate with your stitching.  I picked some up, as it will come in handy also for other things.
We did talk about having a class that was designed more for zippers in household items rather than clothing.  I would be interested in taking that if it comes up.

Are you confidant when it comes to sewing zippers in items?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Mine might be bigger than yours!!

I know these are the biggest I have even used..............10 mm needles that is.......I got them free in a magazine.
 Going to knit up a cushion cover, with the Bernat Blanket yarn and using one of the patterns from my afghan squares.
Figured it would be a quick and easy finish........

Thursday, April 19, 2018

A little peek at what I am up too.

I am making this bag for myself:
 Love this fabric, Full Bloom from Northcott.  I bought it here, a lovely little store that ships as well.  Every Wednesday they have an online sale of 20% off specific items. Excellent customer service, and very helpful.  Loving the red cork I chose to go with it, can't wait to see it all done.

I finished my afghan squares and have decided to do the same again in a teal green colour, so the finished afghan will be a lot bigger.  I adore this mock cable pattern.
Heading to a sewing class on how to sew in different types of zippers.  Zippers are a weak point in my sewing, so every little bit helps!